Potty time!!!

Keller's been eating a lot of these this past month!!! He has been potty training... and he loves peanut butter cups. This all came about in mid-April when my mom was visiting us for a few weeks. I left to go to work for a few hours and my mom watched the boys. I forgot to remind her to change Keller's diaper while I was gone and I guess when you get to "grandparent age" you just don't think about changing diapers. Well, I got home and Keller was in his booster chair eating a snack. I picked him up to hug him and his pants were dripping with urine!! I took his pants and diaper off and he loved running around naked so much that I didn't have the heart to put a diaper back on him. About 10 minutes later he said "mommy Keller's peeing." I panicked and whisked him away to the toilet. So long story short... I don't have to buy diapers anymore. I was really hesitant at first because he just barely turned two!!! But there was no turning back once he got those Batman undies on. He gets to pick out a fun new pair every day and he loves it! It hasn't all been fun and games... many, many accidents and i'm sure many more to come. Their little bladders just can't hold very much sometimes. But he is smart enough and has the desire to go on the potty (at least when he isn't busy playing with a really cool toy), so I figured that I should be ready too.