34 weeks

Last time I talked to my dad he said "so what do you look like now?" This post is for him. Zach took a few pictures of me today next to the crib.

Pretty big, huh dad?

Ben's birthday card

Goodbye Chavezs!

So this morning we went to the greatest place on earth for all you can eat french toast. The first plate was so big, nobody even went back for seconds.

(kinda a dreary and rainy day as you can tell)

We were saying one last goodbye to Ben and Jessica before they move to Washington. Ben just recently accepted a job position with Boeing... go Ben!! He's going to be doing something nerdy with airplanes. Right Jessica? Anyways, we have really enjoyed spending so much time with them since we moved down here, but they have been here long enough and it is time to move on. As everyone hopes to do after BYU and Provo.

Good luck in Washington!!


Really late Christmas post

Hi everyone. So this is a really late post, but I guess it is better late than never. Zach and I have been going non-stop since we came back from Boise. I have been picking up a few extra shifts at work and Zach has started another semester at BYU. So as you can imagine, we are very busy. So here is a quick recap of our Christmas adventure.

Every year for Christmas, Zach and I pick one big gift that we would both really like and get it for 'us'. This year we decided to get a digital SLR camera. He likes the idea of a new toy to play with and I like the end product... pictures. I thought we would be able to share, but I guess I was wrong. :)

So we took this new camera to Boise for Christmas and got a lot of great pictures. I have just picked a few to share.

Here are the sugar cookies that Zach has been craving all year...

and here is what happens when Levi (Zach's brother) gets a hold of the cookies...

We also took a bunch of family photos while we were home. Here's a few...

Shayna, me, and Kasha (Zach's sisters)

Zach's family

Zach's dad is rarely serious... he was on a wrestling mask kick while we were there!

Taylor, me, and Ryan (my brothers)

My family, including Grandparents from San Diego

Zach and I (my dad took the picture and evidently he struggles a bit to get it centered and straight)

Here is Frank (the Glynn's dog). He played one of the wise men in the Christmas play this year. :) Not really!

Santa came this Christmas Eve as usual... this year played by my Grandpa Lee.

This is my Grandma opening a gift from Santa during the Christmas gift exchange. She had absolutely no idea what it was, and my brother nearly peed his pants laughing.

My mom also threw a baby shower for me while we were back home. Here are two really special gifts from my Grandparents. My Grandpa graduated from Annapolis and was a captain in the Navy. And then my Grandma gave me my dad's baby quilt made by his Great-Grandma. So now our little boy will have a crib quilt made by his great, great, great-grandma... WOW!