Keller at 18 months

Keller turned 18 months Sept 19th and to celebrate we took some family pictures. His 18 months stats measured today were:

23.19lbs (15.9 percentile)
32.25in tall (49.94 percentile)
19.5in head circumference (90.54 percentile)

I think he is going to be VERY smart!

I'm probably going to get in trouble because Zach hasn't edited these yet, but I just couldn't wait!

This is the only way we could get a picture where he was actually looking... with him pinned between Zach's head and the wall!!

We love you Keller!! Happy 1 1/2 year birthday!


We moved!

A little over a month ago, mid-August to be exact, we moved from our lovely 2 bedroom apartment that we had been enjoying for 2 years into a larger 3 bedroom townhouse. We really just needed some extra room for the next baby since Zach's computer equipment takes up nearly a whole room. So far we really like our new place. There are kids everywhere... which is perfect for Keller!!! As long as we are in Provo we plan on staying here (1.5 - 2 years). I would HATE to move again. I had forgotten how terrible it is.
Here are a few pics from our final days in our old apartment. We will miss the "Family Tree". Isn't that such an appropriate name for an apartment complex in Provo, UT??

Keller loved this back door, many a finger was pinched here

messy dinner
Keller's pony tail (this was well over 2 months ago, it is way worse now)

daddy's socks

Goodbye Family Tree. We will miss you!


Surprise... #2

Just in case you didn't know... we are expecting baby #2. We just found out today that we are having a BOY!! Zach and I are soooooo excited. Keller will finally have a playmate and Dad can take a rest??? Yeah right! He was moving all over the place during the ultrasound today... just like Keller. They will sure be a handful! I'm due Feb. 7, 2011, but Keller was 13 days late, so I am not holding my breath. :)

Me at 20 weeks. It is amazing how much sooner you show with your 2nd. Maybe I just didn't do anything to prevent that!!! Next time, right??? I'll keep telling myself that!

Well, here we go!


We are alive!

Although the looks of our pitiful blog from this summer might lead you to believe otherwise, we are still alive! We have had a fun filled, extremely busy summer!! The last thing I wrote about was our Hawaii trip, which seems like ages ago. Sorry to all of my eager followers!! I know you expect our life to be so much more interesting than this blog eludes to.
Well, as always after a long blog break, I'm going to take it slow as not to overwhelm you or me (mostly me) with 4 months of "stuff". When you end the summer and realize there are 265 pictures on the camera, it's tough to know where to start. So, hmmmmmm...... where to begin.

Way back in June, Keller took his first swimming lessons. He loved the water, and he and Zach got to go down the water slide on the last day of class. The weather was perfect except for one cold day when he shivered as he mumbled the words "all done... all done". He learned to blow bubbles, kick-kick-kick, and row-row-row! Going all the way under wasn't his favorite part of the lesson, but he obliged. Here are a few pics from the week. Daddy of course was our photographer!

Keller's first day of swim lessons, not sure what to expect!
First dip in the pool
I'm sure enjoying the cool water
trying to get him to act like he is happy...
there it is...

kick-kick-kick... i think we were singing "motorboat"
fhewwww... 1 down, 7 more to go

My favorite picture... dazed!
I think swimming lessons are so important for children. My brothers and I started before we could even walk. It is so important that they feel comfortable in the water. Even though he didn't end the week swimming laps on his own, I know he learned some basic skills... which is all I could have hoped for and more.