What do you mean I can't suck on my hands?? Watch me!!!


Happy Birthday to me!!

BIG 25!!!! I don't feel like I have hit a quarter-century yet, but it is true. I am posting this from my new birthday present. Zach got me an iPad2 this year for my birthday. We have had it for a week or two now and I love it!!!! I do however have to share with Keller. He is such a tech junkie! He knows how to work it better than I do. He plays games, watches movies on Netflix, reads books (or at least looks at the pictures), and checks NASDAQ. :)
I woke up this morning with a new "blogpress app" on my iPad. Hopefully this will make it a bit easier to blog on-time! Here are a few pics from the unveiling of the ipad2.

As you can see, Keller was way more excited than me. He was screaming "iPad".

We love it! Thanks Zachy!



I haven't really posted many pictures of Owen... we have like a million, but I had Zach go back and pick a few of his favorites out! I guess this is what I get for asking him to do it...

Cross-eyed Owen (his first day home from the hospital)
Poor thing.... he has figured it out now and he knows that both eyes are supposed to look forward!

As you can see from those first 3 pictures, Owen was really jaundiced. Keller was when he was born, but not as bad as Owen. He had to be on the bili-lights for 36hours at home, which really wasn't that long compared to some stories that I have heard from friends. It was like a cute little portable tanning bed and he loved sprawling out in it.
The only bad part was that it lit up the whole room, so we slept in daylight!
He pulled through and I'm glad we got pictures to remember that time. I even dated and kept those cute little goggles! Haha!

BTW... Keller's 2nd Birthday!

Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to post about Keller's 2nd Birthday (on March 19th)... I'm a bad mom (or maybe just a really busy one)!
As you can see from the potty post, we shaved all of Keller's hair off on his 2nd birthday. It was his first haircut ever so it was about time!

Last picture with mommy before his hair is gone!
I didn't realize how much he looked like a little girl until it was all gone.
We did a few different cuts before the buzz...
I think Zach called this one "the mullet"...
And this one "the skullet"... (for uncle Ryan!!)
His pretty locks on the floor!
Keller actually loved the cutting process. I thought he was going to cry because of the noise from the clippers, but he was hamming it up. We had a bunch of friends over and he was showing off for them!!

And now for the cake...

This is Keller's favorite character "Aang" from the cartoon "Avatar: The last Airbender".
It is actually a really good rendition of the actual character. Click here to see the real guy.

Keller also got "momo" from the cartoon... he loves momo!!
Happy Birthday Keller... we love you!!


As I said in the previous post...Keller is potty training and doing a really good job. I hesitate to say "potty trained" because I know I will jinx it!!

He gets chocolate after he poops in the toilet. We had to change it to only poops because he pees like 15 times a day and always had a sugar buzz going!


Potty time!!!

Keller's been eating a lot of these this past month!!! He has been potty training... and he loves peanut butter cups. This all came about in mid-April when my mom was visiting us for a few weeks. I left to go to work for a few hours and my mom watched the boys. I forgot to remind her to change Keller's diaper while I was gone and I guess when you get to "grandparent age" you just don't think about changing diapers. Well, I got home and Keller was in his booster chair eating a snack. I picked him up to hug him and his pants were dripping with urine!! I took his pants and diaper off and he loved running around naked so much that I didn't have the heart to put a diaper back on him. About 10 minutes later he said "mommy Keller's peeing." I panicked and whisked him away to the toilet. So long story short... I don't have to buy diapers anymore. I was really hesitant at first because he just barely turned two!!! But there was no turning back once he got those Batman undies on. He gets to pick out a fun new pair every day and he loves it! It hasn't all been fun and games... many, many accidents and i'm sure many more to come. Their little bladders just can't hold very much sometimes. But he is smart enough and has the desire to go on the potty (at least when he isn't busy playing with a really cool toy), so I figured that I should be ready too.