One month old

Today Keller is one month old. I cannot believe where the time has gone. Zach and I love spending our days with him. He is truly a miracle! We have so much fun with him.


Update on Keller

I cannot believe that Keller will be 1 month old this Sunday! He is an absolute joy! Zach and I have so much fun with him. Everyday is a new adventure. He is such a happy baby. Here is a video of Keller smiling at mommy.

We had a wonderful Easter. We took Keller to church for the first time. And here is our first family photo...

For Christmas, we bought a digital SLR camera and it was the best investment. We take millions of pictures of Keller all the time. It is amazing how he changes from day to day. Sometimes I get sad when I think about it... he is growing so fast!

This was a very special gift from his Aunt Shayna. She made him a whole set of tie-dye onsies. He loves them... well I love them, he just spits up on them!

And here is his wild hair and double chin!

Daddy likes to bite his face and hold him upside down. They are little buddies! (Poor Keller!)

It's official!

He got in!!!! As most of you know, Zach and I moved down to Provo so that he could study animation at BYU. Well I am happy to announce that Zach has been excepted to the program! I have been such a worry wart because we essentially packed up all of our things and moved down here just hoping and crossing our fingers that he would get in. I think that my worries were valid. After all, they had around 150 applicants, and only accepted 15-18 students. BYU's school of Animation is one of the top 3 animation schools in the WORLD. Studios such as Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney, and Sony recruit from BYU and absolutely love the talented students that BYU produces. We are officially one step closer!! I am so proud of Zach. He truly is an amazing artist and more importantly extremely motivated. More so than any person I know! Congrats Zach, I love you! http://animation.byu.edu/


Happy Birthday Dad!

We celebrated Zach's birthday yesterday, April 5. Keller and his dad had a great time opening the presents. Actually, Keller didn't really know what was going on! Zach is so spoiled. His parents, sister, and my parents sent him some great gifts from Idaho. They really showed me up!

By the way, here is a picture of Keller's first outing. We went to Zach's mission reunion last Friday night. He was quite the hit... a real ladies man!

Well, Happy Birthday Zach! Big 24! Man we are getting old... seems like just yesterday you were my 16 year old heart throb!