San Diego: Part 1

In September we took a trip down to San Diego. I took the kids with my mom while Zach started his first week of work. It was a wonderful chance for Keller and Owen to meet their Great-Grandparents. My grandma loved playing with them so much. Seeing the boys with her reminded me of the time I would spend with them in San Diego as a little girl.

Boys day out - My dad, Uncle Clay, and Grandpa took Keller to Balboa park one morning.
I used to go there with my Grandpa Lee all the time. I LOVED the Merry-go-round and would ride it for hours trying to catch the gold ring (which would win me yet another ride).


Morning conversation

Daddy: "Keller, who's your best friend?"
Keller: squeezing Owen in a bear hug "Owen's my best friend. Because he is so nice."
Daddy: turns his back to walk down the hall, hears a big THUD
Keller: whispers "sorry Owey"
Daddy: turns back around to see Owen flat on his back in the kitchen still in that bear hug

Keller sure does love his brother!!!


Keller says:

Everyday Keller says the funniest things! I really should be keeping a log of all the non-sense...

Our dinner conversation tonight:
Keller: yelling at Owen "I'm in charge!"
Mommy: "you aren't in charge Keller, I am."
Keller: pauses for a minute, "is papa in charge of you?"
Mommy: reflecting on what he just said "well, yeah, actually. Papa is in charge of me."

I think he's got the idea.