If I had one word to describe Keller it would be mischievous. A few other descriptions include: spoiled, adorable, innocent, happy, playful, quick, smart, loving, adventurous, dare devil. Just to name a few.

This post has been long over due, sorry to you all. I have been so caught up with... well I don't really know where the time has gone. Keller is 8 months old already! His favorite word is DADA. I thought for sure it would be MAMA, but Zach has won this round. He gets into everything. We don't even try to make barricades anymore, he always get through them. And I know he knows what he is doing, because he looks back at me with a smirk on his face.
We are spending Thanksgiving here with some of our good friends. I will be sure to post pictures of the event. We are excited to go back to Boise for Christmas. It has been a while since Keller has seen his Grandparents (Bolts and Glynns). It is always sure to be an adventure when we return home. Zach, as always, is most excited about the sugar cookies.
Here are a few pics from late October/November.

Keller getting ready for bed with his hat on.

Keller playing on our bed in his Halloween costume. He loves shaking his hips (we call him Swayze). Sometimes it looks more like air humping...

My little giraffe.

Keller's hat made especially for him from the Provo Saturday Market.

All bundled up for a nice cold walk.

One of many mischievous things that I have caught Keller doing on camera.

When he notices me he makes a run straight at me, like he is playing chicken or something. Or maybe coming to apologize. (oh, but it was just way too fun mom!)

eating the cabinet (a daily occurrence)

making a mess, as you can see in the background.

I must have caught him doing something. He is so fast, the second he sees me he comes straight for the camera....

and this is what I end up with.