December already?

Isn't it strange how time goes by so quickly when you are having so much fun. Zach and I are loving it here in Provo. There is never a dull moment, except for the two evenings a week that I have to work... but even that is exciting. Even though we love it here, we are so excited to visit home for Christmas. We even have a list of all the things we want to do in Boise. The only thing Zach added to the list was "eat sugar cookies". I guess he is deprived here in Utah.

I wanted to give a special congratulations to two of our very best friends here in Provo, Ben and Jessica. They just found out that they are having a little baby girl. She is going to be such a beauty. Secretly I am planning the marriage of our first borns. But only time will tell. :)

Our Thanksgiving weekend

We had such a great Thanksgiving with the Rigby's and the Chavez's. We spent Thanksgiving afternoon in Provo where we had a wonderful feast. Then we spent the weekend in Park City. It was our first time in Park City and we had a blast. We ate way too much junk food, and by the end of the weekend I was begging for anything BUT a turkey sandwich.

Our Thanksgiving feast!

The beautiful turkey courtesy of Ben and Jessica.

Zach picking the turkey clean! (My father would be so proud)

Our fun stroll around historic Park City, Utah.

By the end of the trip we were exhausted. Endless nights of playing dice until Brett finally won a game, Wii extravaganza, shopping, and movies, movies, movies. Zach and I will never forget our first Thanksgiving away from home.