December already?

Isn't it strange how time goes by so quickly when you are having so much fun. Zach and I are loving it here in Provo. There is never a dull moment, except for the two evenings a week that I have to work... but even that is exciting. Even though we love it here, we are so excited to visit home for Christmas. We even have a list of all the things we want to do in Boise. The only thing Zach added to the list was "eat sugar cookies". I guess he is deprived here in Utah.

I wanted to give a special congratulations to two of our very best friends here in Provo, Ben and Jessica. They just found out that they are having a little baby girl. She is going to be such a beauty. Secretly I am planning the marriage of our first borns. But only time will tell. :)


Chavez Family said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! Wow, your countdown is down to double digits, so exciting. I don't mind if our children get married; a blond Glynn plus a dark Chavez would probably make beautiful babies someday..okay, okay, let's have ours first and then we can make plans ;-)

Britni and Brett said...

haha. How about I have my baby in ten years and then your babies can babysit mine? Good plan? I am with Zach, sugar cookies make xmas so much better.