Pumpkin carvin'

Last Saturday we had the Chavez's over for dinner and some good ol' fashion pumpkin carving. Since I don't have an ounce of creativity or artistic ability, Zach designed and carved our whole pumpkin, occasionally asking me for input to keep me involved. Ben and Jessica each had a pumpkin and they turned out really well. There was one minor mishap. Jess went out on a limb and decided to carve a spider into her pumpkin instead of the traditional scary face... well, it was looking great until the last cut, when the entire spider feel into the pumpkin. Luckily I had the remedy, toothpicks! They can fix anything. I'll have to update you later about how the spider is holding up. It was a fun night. We even made it to the BYU film festival later. I'm sad to report that it wasn't as good as we had hoped, or as good as past years (so we hear).

Ben's pumpkin

Jessica's pumpkin

Our pumpkin



As I said in my first post, I became a Registered Nurse as of October 1st. After a little bit of fun time with Zach, and a few trips later, I thought it was time that I settled down and looked for some work. Well I have good news to report. I got hired on at a Rehab facility a few minutes from where we live. Zach and I are so excited. They have a really low turn-over rate (which is always a good question to ask in the interview process). And I'm even making more than I would working at the local hospital. I start tomorrow... kind of soon, I would have liked a little more time to play, but that is how life goes I guess. I'm only working part-time, which will leave plenty of time for life, and blogging. :) That's all for now.


It's a sickness...

Yesterday we received a package from Zach's mom in Boise. It made my week, maybe even my month. The box was filled with little boy clothes... and tons of it. Our little boy is going to be the best dressed in town. I have more onesies then I know what to do with. And of course, I played with them all afternoon. Then today I went and bought a few more things. I really think it is a sickness that we have! But hey, we are having fun while we are shopping and that is all that matters, right? Zach likes most of the stuff... he doesn't like the idea of his boy being a pansy, so the "cutesie" stuff I have to show him very last and then run and hide it!


Vegas Baby!!!

This year for the Glynn's annual October trip we went to Las Vegas. It was such a blast and we were nearly dead from exhaustion when we got back to the hotel each night. We saw all the major sights... the Bellagio water show, the Venetian boats, all the lights our eyes could handle, and of course the smutty cards that the mexicans flip on their wrists. Levi couldn't get enough of it!!

Our last day was just as great as the first two, but we were so tired we could barely stand. We averaged around 10 miles of walking per day. The baby really enjoyed that!

Over the summer...

This last July I found out that I was pregnant and Zach insisted on taking a picture to remember the good times.

So I wanted to remember the good times also...

And then when it finally sank in...

We really are excited, don't let him fool you!



I always said that I wanted to have a blog one day. I guess today is that day. Perhaps I should start by telling everyone a little bit about us. Zach and I currently live in Provo, Utah and are now officially just another set of Mormons. We love it here. The people are great and the scenery is even better! Our little apartment is a eye-sore from the outside, but everyone is pleasantly surprised when they enter. We moved to Provo after I graduated from Boise State University so that Zach could finish at BYU. He loves BYU and finds it a bit more challenging than BSU (that is because he actually has so DO something at BYU). As of October 1st, I am officially an RN. Now the pressure is on to find a job and become the sugar mama that Zach has always wanted.

Zach and I were married March 2007 in the Laie, Hawaii LDS Temple. The last year and a half have been the most wonderful years of my life. I never knew how happy I could be until I fell in love with Zach. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I KNOW that I am the best thing that has every happened to him... his mom tells me all the time! We have know each other for over 7 years and each year just keeps getting better.

We are expecting our first child in March and we just found out that it is a BOY!! We are so excited. Sometimes it is hard to believe that we could ever be parents, but I know that Zach is going to be the best father in the world, even if he is only 23. I'm even gonna get him a "#1 DAD" hat, because I know he will be that good. Our little guy is quite the wiggler... he was jumping all over the place during the ultrasound. From the looks of the ultrasound pictures, there is no doubt that he is a boy, and quite a boy at that!!!

There is so much more to say, but I cannot put it all in one post. I have a lot of back-tracking to do so that our life can be properly portrayed. Stay tuned...