Pumpkin carvin'

Last Saturday we had the Chavez's over for dinner and some good ol' fashion pumpkin carving. Since I don't have an ounce of creativity or artistic ability, Zach designed and carved our whole pumpkin, occasionally asking me for input to keep me involved. Ben and Jessica each had a pumpkin and they turned out really well. There was one minor mishap. Jess went out on a limb and decided to carve a spider into her pumpkin instead of the traditional scary face... well, it was looking great until the last cut, when the entire spider feel into the pumpkin. Luckily I had the remedy, toothpicks! They can fix anything. I'll have to update you later about how the spider is holding up. It was a fun night. We even made it to the BYU film festival later. I'm sad to report that it wasn't as good as we had hoped, or as good as past years (so we hear).

Ben's pumpkin

Jessica's pumpkin

Our pumpkin


Britni and Brett said...

haha cute! Too bad Brett and I walked in the wrong door the other week to see them!