Rainy Days!

Don't you just LOVE rainy days?

We do!



Owie: A word commonly used by small children or infants to describe a wound.

Well here is Keller's first experience with a BIG OWIE. I will admit, I didn't even see this one happen, only the aftermath! Some how he managed to straddle a toy lawn mower backwards and then fall face first onto the cement drive way. I always thought it was instinctual to put your hands out to catch yourself... evidently I was wrong, very, very wrong!

Here is the sequence of events once we got inside...

Mommy to the rescue...

Maybe if I try it myself...

Yeah, that's better

Later that night...

All is well.
One down, one million more owies to go!



This past July we went to the Oregon Coast. We always love going there. The cool breeze is a nice break from the HOT Utah summers, but by the end of the trip we are always very welcoming to the sun again! Here are a few pics from our trip. Keller loved the beaches and discovering things with his Daddy.

Keller: "really, it tastes good? okay dad, I'll try it"

toes in the sand