Super late post!

So here is a super late post from Halloween. I didn't realize that I hadn't put these pictures up until I noticed them still on the camera. That is REALLY BAD!! Well, needless to say we had a wonderful Halloween. Keller really got the hang of it after a few attempts.

Mid afternoon one of the neighbor girls threw a Halloween bash outside. She wasn't very successful at rounding up and organizing 10 little kids, but at least they were all in their costumes...

Keller hated it! He was such a party-pooper!

But he quickly recovered!

Some of our neighbors were moving later that week and they got their trailer out for the kids to play in... they loved that thing! (kinda looks like a mug shot line up!)

Candy bucket on head and finger in his nose... just like his father!

After a long nap we set out for trick-or-treating. In Provo, Center St. becomes a big trick-or-treat neighborhood and the kids go from shop to shop and the owners hand out candy. It was different than Idaho, but it worked!

Later that night...

All in all, I would say Halloween 2010 was a BIG success. Keller got to practice his "please and thank yous" and ended up with tootsie rolls in his teeth! Yum!


Rainy Days!

Don't you just LOVE rainy days?

We do!



Owie: A word commonly used by small children or infants to describe a wound.

Well here is Keller's first experience with a BIG OWIE. I will admit, I didn't even see this one happen, only the aftermath! Some how he managed to straddle a toy lawn mower backwards and then fall face first onto the cement drive way. I always thought it was instinctual to put your hands out to catch yourself... evidently I was wrong, very, very wrong!

Here is the sequence of events once we got inside...

Mommy to the rescue...

Maybe if I try it myself...

Yeah, that's better

Later that night...

All is well.
One down, one million more owies to go!



This past July we went to the Oregon Coast. We always love going there. The cool breeze is a nice break from the HOT Utah summers, but by the end of the trip we are always very welcoming to the sun again! Here are a few pics from our trip. Keller loved the beaches and discovering things with his Daddy.

Keller: "really, it tastes good? okay dad, I'll try it"

toes in the sand


Keller at 18 months

Keller turned 18 months Sept 19th and to celebrate we took some family pictures. His 18 months stats measured today were:

23.19lbs (15.9 percentile)
32.25in tall (49.94 percentile)
19.5in head circumference (90.54 percentile)

I think he is going to be VERY smart!

I'm probably going to get in trouble because Zach hasn't edited these yet, but I just couldn't wait!

This is the only way we could get a picture where he was actually looking... with him pinned between Zach's head and the wall!!

We love you Keller!! Happy 1 1/2 year birthday!