Keller at 18 months

Keller turned 18 months Sept 19th and to celebrate we took some family pictures. His 18 months stats measured today were:

23.19lbs (15.9 percentile)
32.25in tall (49.94 percentile)
19.5in head circumference (90.54 percentile)

I think he is going to be VERY smart!

I'm probably going to get in trouble because Zach hasn't edited these yet, but I just couldn't wait!

This is the only way we could get a picture where he was actually looking... with him pinned between Zach's head and the wall!!

We love you Keller!! Happy 1 1/2 year birthday!


Joel Deehr said...

Keller's the man! If I ever have a kid I hope hes half as cool as Keller!

Jeri said...

Sorry, but No one could be even close to Keller!! He is one of a kind!! Grandma loves you sooooo much! And can"t wait til this weekend to see you!! Hugs and Kisses XOXOXOXOX