We moved!

A little over a month ago, mid-August to be exact, we moved from our lovely 2 bedroom apartment that we had been enjoying for 2 years into a larger 3 bedroom townhouse. We really just needed some extra room for the next baby since Zach's computer equipment takes up nearly a whole room. So far we really like our new place. There are kids everywhere... which is perfect for Keller!!! As long as we are in Provo we plan on staying here (1.5 - 2 years). I would HATE to move again. I had forgotten how terrible it is.
Here are a few pics from our final days in our old apartment. We will miss the "Family Tree". Isn't that such an appropriate name for an apartment complex in Provo, UT??

Keller loved this back door, many a finger was pinched here

messy dinner
Keller's pony tail (this was well over 2 months ago, it is way worse now)

daddy's socks

Goodbye Family Tree. We will miss you!


Joel Deehr said...

Oh man! Its a sad day when you move from the family tree.