Glynn family pictures 2009

While we were back in Boise for Christmas we took some pictures while the whole Glynn family was together. It was cold, but we survived.

... and here is our little family


Christmas vacation 2009

We spent Christmas back in Boise with our friends and family. We had such a blast. The time went by so fast, we didn't get everything in that we wanted to. Here is a brief re-cap of our time back home.

We are extremely obsessed with taking pictures, we came home from our trip with over 400 new pics on the camera... I'll try to keep this post short.

We spent Christmas Eve with my family...

Here is my dad's traditional Christmas get-up... my mom is so sweet to endure that outfit

We had prime rib and twice baked potatoes... we ate so much while we were back home, we have to come back to Provo to get skinny again.

Zach and Keller in front of the Christmas tree

Keller with Uncle Ryan on Christmas Eve (obviously caught off guard)

Keller taking a ride on Lily (uncle Ryan's dog)

Keller got to meet Santa on Christmas Eve. Every year he stops by the Bolt house on Christmas Eve with presents.

Christmas morning at my parents' house. That was our favorite book growing up, my mom has it memorized :)

Special delivery from Santa (I think he really likes it??)

New snow clothes for our trip to McCall after Christmas

Piano from Grandma Glynn (everything she got him was noisy... she must hate Zach and I)

opening another gift

After Christmas we went to my parents' cabin in McCall, ID. We spent a few days up there sledding and going to the hot springs.... we loved it!

Uncle Ryan and Keller before we hit the cold mountain

Dad and Keller

Zach and Keller in the hot springs. Keller loved it. We spent over two hours in the water. We were all prunes by the time we got out.

swimming time

relaxing... towards the end he started to fall asleep in the floaty... he was loving the warm water.

Zach likes to show off!!!

Finally, a long awaited introduction happened while we were in Boise. Keller was able to meet his Great-grandma and grandpa Bolt. They absolutely adored him. Keller is their first great-grand baby. It was wonderful to spend almost two weeks with them. I'm sure Keller won't remember, but it was special to me.

Special thanks to everyone we spent time with in Boise. Thank you for making this Christmas so special.