We're back!

Zach and I had such a blast in Hawaii this past week. Although we are exhausted and severely jet-lagged from the red eye flight landing at 7:30am, we are recovering quickly. We planned such a busy trip and managed to fit everything in that we wanted. Snorkeling (we went swimming with some turtles!), surfing (2 different days), Polynesian Cultural Center (tour, luau, and show), Magic of Polynesian show, shopping, and of course Cody and Tricia's wedding. The time flew by and I had forgotten how much fun Zach could be when Keller's not fighting for my attention. :) Here are a few pictures from our journey...

Can you see the excitement in our eyes as we arrive at the Honolulu airport?
Our first meal in paradise... Cheeseburger in Paradise. By the way, we ate so much pineapple while we were there I thought I was going to burst. Pretty much every meal, especially breakfast!

On the first full day that we spent on the island we went surfing. We were the whitest two people on the beach. All the natives were skeptical of our abilities to surf and kept trying to sell us lessons. We assured them that we had done it before, but that we hadn't see the sun in a while. :)
This dessert place became our favorite. We were so addicted to Yogurt-Land. We went 3 times during our 7 day trip. It was right on Waikiki beach and hit the spot after a long day of adventures.
This was us on our way to the Polynesian Cultural Center.
The PCC was awesome. We learned so much about all the different Polynesian Cultures. I would recommend going if you every visit Oahu. And the "Ha:The Breath of Life" show was awesome. I love how they call everyone Cousin. Our tour guide was Cousin Adam. He was a big Samoan guy. Surprisingly, about 90% of the employees at the PCC are BYU- Hawaii students. I had no idea.

All these performers made me wish I was Polynesian and could shake it like that!
This guy started a fire with two sticks right before our eyes. We were impressed!
And this guy climbed to the top of this palm tree with out any wires or netting at the bottom to catch him. WOW!!
After the Luau.

Snorkeling at Hanauma bay. We found some turtles. That was definitely the highlight of that day.

And finally... the beautiful couple that is responsible for our trip to the island in the first place, Cody and Tricia. They had such a beautiful wedding on the beach near Turtle Bay.
She looked amazing.
Also, Cody and Tricia booked the same photographers that we used for our wedding (3 years ago). We were so happy to see Akiko and Ryan again. They are fantastic photographers... Bel R Photography.

After a long week we were sad to leave but eager to see Keller again. He had a great time with Grandma and Shayna and was spoiled rotten!! Isn't that what Grandma's are for?

By the way, we had such a blast that Zach is already planning a trip for next summer to Tahiti. We'll see Zach... we'll see.