Really late Christmas post

Hi everyone. So this is a really late post, but I guess it is better late than never. Zach and I have been going non-stop since we came back from Boise. I have been picking up a few extra shifts at work and Zach has started another semester at BYU. So as you can imagine, we are very busy. So here is a quick recap of our Christmas adventure.

Every year for Christmas, Zach and I pick one big gift that we would both really like and get it for 'us'. This year we decided to get a digital SLR camera. He likes the idea of a new toy to play with and I like the end product... pictures. I thought we would be able to share, but I guess I was wrong. :)

So we took this new camera to Boise for Christmas and got a lot of great pictures. I have just picked a few to share.

Here are the sugar cookies that Zach has been craving all year...

and here is what happens when Levi (Zach's brother) gets a hold of the cookies...

We also took a bunch of family photos while we were home. Here's a few...

Shayna, me, and Kasha (Zach's sisters)

Zach's family

Zach's dad is rarely serious... he was on a wrestling mask kick while we were there!

Taylor, me, and Ryan (my brothers)

My family, including Grandparents from San Diego

Zach and I (my dad took the picture and evidently he struggles a bit to get it centered and straight)

Here is Frank (the Glynn's dog). He played one of the wise men in the Christmas play this year. :) Not really!

Santa came this Christmas Eve as usual... this year played by my Grandpa Lee.

This is my Grandma opening a gift from Santa during the Christmas gift exchange. She had absolutely no idea what it was, and my brother nearly peed his pants laughing.

My mom also threw a baby shower for me while we were back home. Here are two really special gifts from my Grandparents. My Grandpa graduated from Annapolis and was a captain in the Navy. And then my Grandma gave me my dad's baby quilt made by his Great-Grandma. So now our little boy will have a crib quilt made by his great, great, great-grandma... WOW!


Joe, Kira, and Ayden Wells said...

So you are in trouble! Why didn't you let me know you were in town... and having a baby shower, or was it just for the family? If that is the case I can understand. Let me know how you are doing. Sure do miss you!