Goodbye Chavezs!

So this morning we went to the greatest place on earth for all you can eat french toast. The first plate was so big, nobody even went back for seconds.

(kinda a dreary and rainy day as you can tell)

We were saying one last goodbye to Ben and Jessica before they move to Washington. Ben just recently accepted a job position with Boeing... go Ben!! He's going to be doing something nerdy with airplanes. Right Jessica? Anyways, we have really enjoyed spending so much time with them since we moved down here, but they have been here long enough and it is time to move on. As everyone hopes to do after BYU and Provo.

Good luck in Washington!!


Benedict and Jessica said...

Girl, you look so hot with that belly! I love them pics of you next to the crib and Ben appreciated the pic of his birthday card. Hilarious!

Britni and Brett said...

I am really sad they will be leaving! We should have a reunion this summer!

Ashleigh and Todd said...

wow zach, i forgot how ugly your face is. But your wife is very pretty.