Happy Birthday Dad!

We celebrated Zach's birthday yesterday, April 5. Keller and his dad had a great time opening the presents. Actually, Keller didn't really know what was going on! Zach is so spoiled. His parents, sister, and my parents sent him some great gifts from Idaho. They really showed me up!

By the way, here is a picture of Keller's first outing. We went to Zach's mission reunion last Friday night. He was quite the hit... a real ladies man!

Well, Happy Birthday Zach! Big 24! Man we are getting old... seems like just yesterday you were my 16 year old heart throb!


Britni and Brett said...

Happy Birthday Zach! When I saw your post heading I thought it was like your dads birthday or something, haha. I keep forgetting you guys are parents! Keller looks so adorable!!!! I love the first pic of him, so cute!