about my labor

I just thought I would make a quick post about my labor experience. Looking back it is actually comical! So Zach's mom came into town on Friday the 13th of March to help with the baby, even though he wasn't here yet. I thought that there was no way I would actually go 2 weeks over. But I guess I was wrong. Jeri and I walked for miles everyday, trying to get him to come. People would stare because I was carrying him so low that he looked like he was going to fall right out. We actually got a few comments about my appearance. I had a few false alarms, none that actually amounted to anything, but I just thought he would never come.
On Thursday the 18th, we were eating dinner and I kinda had this weird "stomach" pain. I thought it was gas so I blew it off. We decided to go see the movie Valkyrie (no sense in waiting home for the baby to come). By the time we got to the movie, the "gas" was starting to get worse. I stumbled into the movie. Zach and Jeri could tell that something was different. My labor started around 7:45pm, that's when the movie began. My contractions got progressively stronger in the movie, but I didn't want to make them leave so I just tried to relax through them. Thanks to the HypnoBabies class that we took, I was able to do very well. The movies seemed like 30 minutes.
After the movie, Zach looked at me and said "I better pull the car around, you probably shouldn't walk." On the way home I called my midwife and said "I hope you aren't busy tonight." I had actually just had an appointment with her that morning and she thought that I probably still had a little while. We went home and Zach started timing them. They were about 3 minutes apart and lasting around 75 seconds. We gathered up our things and headed to the birthing center in Orem. We arrived just before 11pm. My midwife checked me when we arrived and I was at 7.5 centimeters. I jumped in the jacuzzi tub (which I would highly recommend to anyone). After a little while in the tub I felt like I needed to push... And then Keller was born at 2:20am on March 19th. Zach had brought the video camera and digital camera thinking that we would have plenty of time to record some footage. We just didn't have any time until the next morning. We were shocked that everything happened so fast. I guess I will know for the future what labor feels like, and I won't head out to the movies for a nice relaxing evening!
Another funny note, My midwife had 5 births in a 24hr period. I was on the tail end of the births. All of the mom's were late... weird. And we decided to all come at the same time. Maybe something in the air?? My midwife was amazing and we had a wonderful experience. I couldn't have done it without the love of my life, Zach. He is the strongest man I know. And he is making a terrific dad!!


Britni and Brett said...

awww! Yeah when I saw you, your little tummy was poking out of the bottom of your shirt. It was so cute! Well your labor sounded quite pleasent. No comments about the pain or anything, maybe I should consider a birthing center!!! Miss you guys!

Ashleigh and Todd said...

If you could have pushed just a bit harder that child would have been born on my birthday, the 18th. Then you would have had to name him Todd by default. Next time no movie, just go straight to the hospital.
Haha. Oh and Congratulations! I'm happy for you both.