I haven't really posted many pictures of Owen... we have like a million, but I had Zach go back and pick a few of his favorites out! I guess this is what I get for asking him to do it...

Cross-eyed Owen (his first day home from the hospital)
Poor thing.... he has figured it out now and he knows that both eyes are supposed to look forward!

As you can see from those first 3 pictures, Owen was really jaundiced. Keller was when he was born, but not as bad as Owen. He had to be on the bili-lights for 36hours at home, which really wasn't that long compared to some stories that I have heard from friends. It was like a cute little portable tanning bed and he loved sprawling out in it.
The only bad part was that it lit up the whole room, so we slept in daylight!
He pulled through and I'm glad we got pictures to remember that time. I even dated and kept those cute little goggles! Haha!


Ty, Steph, & Bristol said...

LOVE the pics. Your fam is so dang cute! BTW...i must hear how this whole standing on the potty things works. Too funny. I have no idea how to train boys...Ahhh!

Sarah said...

I am glad you left a comment so I could see your cute blog and boys!!!! I am jealous though I need to get brea potty trained!!!!!! Love the new haircut too, so cute!!!