BTW... Keller's 2nd Birthday!

Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to post about Keller's 2nd Birthday (on March 19th)... I'm a bad mom (or maybe just a really busy one)!
As you can see from the potty post, we shaved all of Keller's hair off on his 2nd birthday. It was his first haircut ever so it was about time!

Last picture with mommy before his hair is gone!
I didn't realize how much he looked like a little girl until it was all gone.
We did a few different cuts before the buzz...
I think Zach called this one "the mullet"...
And this one "the skullet"... (for uncle Ryan!!)
His pretty locks on the floor!
Keller actually loved the cutting process. I thought he was going to cry because of the noise from the clippers, but he was hamming it up. We had a bunch of friends over and he was showing off for them!!

And now for the cake...

This is Keller's favorite character "Aang" from the cartoon "Avatar: The last Airbender".
It is actually a really good rendition of the actual character. Click here to see the real guy.

Keller also got "momo" from the cartoon... he loves momo!!
Happy Birthday Keller... we love you!!


Meaghan said...

Ah, the hair is gone. Happy Birthday Keller and Owen is adorable!

Joel Deehr said...

keller is so cool! And I am happy you used some pictures I took :)