Happy Birthday to me!!

BIG 25!!!! I don't feel like I have hit a quarter-century yet, but it is true. I am posting this from my new birthday present. Zach got me an iPad2 this year for my birthday. We have had it for a week or two now and I love it!!!! I do however have to share with Keller. He is such a tech junkie! He knows how to work it better than I do. He plays games, watches movies on Netflix, reads books (or at least looks at the pictures), and checks NASDAQ. :)
I woke up this morning with a new "blogpress app" on my iPad. Hopefully this will make it a bit easier to blog on-time! Here are a few pics from the unveiling of the ipad2.

As you can see, Keller was way more excited than me. He was screaming "iPad".

We love it! Thanks Zachy!