Swimmin' time

We spent the end of June back in Boise and we had a blast. The Glynns have an above ground pool we fondly call "the intex". It was so nice on those HOT days to be able to jump into the water. It turns out that Keller loved the pool just as much as his parents! He swam 3 or 4 of the days that we were there. Zach even took him under water a few times... which of course freaked me out at first. Luckily we had an expert there. Levi's girlfriend Holly used to teach the "Mommy and Me" classes at the YMCA. Keller had such a fun time. He was kicking and splashing and loved every minute of it. I think we may have the next Michael Phelps on our hands. Check out some of the highlights.

Hold your breath!

Swimming with Grandpa Jon

and swimming with Grandpa Jeff

...another note...

Keller got his first walker while we were back in Boise.

His feet don't touch the ground, but he sure loves sitting up like a big boy!! and Zach likes the toys!


Britni and Brett said...

Jordy! I can't believe you just had a baby! You look amazing! Keller is so dang cute! We need to hang out so I can see him!... and you guys of course.