Oregon Coast 2009

Last week we went to the Oregon coast with Zach's family. We had such a fun time. Being new parents, Zach and I never thought twice about taking a 3month old on a 12 hour road trip. Luckily Keller is so mellow that he did just fine. You never know what to expect weather wise on the coast, but we got pretty lucky. We only had one really windy day. The best thing about the OC is that it is a vacation where you don't HAVE to do anything. We went to the beach, explored the caves and tide pools, played lots of games at night, and went shopping (my favorite part of course, the outlets are awesome, but there were especially good sales while we were there!)
Here are a few pictures from the trip...

Keller's sleigh pulled by Frank and Willy in Newport

Keller made a new friend

The whole reason why we go to Newport... the candy!

The coldest day at the beach... can't you tell he's lovin it :)

Zach skim boarding

Holly, Levi, and Zach pretending like it isn't cold

What were they thinking?? (Zach and Levi)

Frank chasing Jeff's kite

Keller's new hat (only $0.49)

Shopping at the outlets

Our first family pic in a cave

All in all I would say that we had a fun family vacation... besides gaining 5 pounds from the cheese cake, cheese burgers, and ice cream. I guess it is back to real life now. After a few days of my cooking, those extra 5 pounds on Zach and I should melt right off!