Keller's baby blessing

I know this is a little late, but Keller had his baby blessing on May 3rd. Zach's parents and sister came from Boise for the event. We had such a fun weekend. We stuffed our guts with all-you-can eat french toast for breakfast on Saturday. And then filled up on Chinese food that night. I guess it is safe to say that I still eat like I am pregnant. Zach's dad jokes that I am "eating for two" but in reality I am because I am feeding Keller too... right??? Anyways, Keller did really well for the blessing, except for the fact that he was farting the whole time they were holding him in the circle.


Benedict and Jessica said...

I love these gorgeous pics! We wish we could have still been in town for this. Miss you guys and think of you often

Jeri said...

Who is that cutie old grandma in the pics??? Tee Hee!!