Flying by!

That is how I would describe these last three weeks. It is so hard to believe that Owen is 3 weeks old today. There have been many sleepless nights and countless diaper changes. I never thought I could accumulate this much laundry. (I cannot imagine what it would be like with 4 or 5 kids... my washer and dryer would never rest!) Luckily I have had my wonderful mother here every step of the way. She has helped so much and Keller has enjoyed having the company.
Keller and his little bro are getting along great. Today when we got home from the store I set Owen on the ground in his car seat while I put a few things away and when I walked back in the room Keller was kissing Owen and giving him hugs. Keller kept repeating "kiss Owen" while Owen tried to suck on Keller's face!! I'm sure the hitting and punching stage between brothers will come shortly, but right now Keller is surprisingly gently.

Best buds

Here are a few pictures that Zach has taken of Owen...

We have hundreds more (it's a sickness), but we haven't had any time to take them off the camera... soon!