Why can't he always be like this?

Keller woke up early Sat morning (2am) with a raging fever, cough, and runny nose. Luckily, he is now on the mend and he is going to live. I know this may sound crazy but I enjoyed those few days. Why you ask? Keller, who is usually so independent and will hardly let me catch him in a hug became the ultimate snuggler. All he wanted to do was be in my arms resting his head on my shoulder. I loved it. I didn't have to do anything but lounge on the couch with him and I had an excuse because he was sick and wouldn't let me do anything.

As of right now he is almost back to normal... pulling all of his books off of the bookshelf, throwing his toys all over the room, banging on the TV screen (don't tell Zach or I'll be in trouble). Yes my little boy is back to being mischievous. A bitter sweet ending to a weekend of sniffles.

P.S. To all the moms that have a baby that likes to snuggle ENJOY IT!! You are lucky. Maybe my next will be needy??

Here are a few random pics for the family.
PJs from Grandma Jeri

Keller trying to dress himself... he knows this shirt goes on top but cannot figure it out.


Rebekah said...

mine isn't a snuggler either! so i know what you mean when you cherish those times that he actually will.

love, Rebekah

jg6222 said...

OMG he is the cutest baby in the whole world!!
And I LOVE him so much!
Grandma Jeri

Wells Family said...

Wow! This sounds so much like Ashtyn!! He just got over croup... it was awefull, but the same, all he wanted to do was snuggle and I loved it. Now he is also back to his busy body self. Glad he is feeling better and that you got some snuggle time:) Miss you!