Last 2009 summer vacation...

right here in Provo. So, my family decided to come visit us from Boise before school started back up. We spent a day at Lagoon, went to Park City for a day, and did lots of shopping... my kind of vacation. Keller certainly loved all of the attention. He was kissed so much I thought his face would fall off!! Keller sure is growing fast and it was nice for my family to get to spend some time with him as he grows up. They were amazed at how big he had gotten just since July. Here are a few pics from the week.

Megan, Ryan, Taylor, and Me

Ryan's favorite ride, The Rocket RE-ENTRY

waiting in line (the lines weren't bad, the longest we waited was about 15 minutes, which for an amusement park is really fast)

My favorite ride, Wicked.

Grandma Cherie and Keller

Grandpa Jon and Keller

Grandma saying goodbye

Ryan saying goodbye to Keller

We had such a fun time having them here. Thankyou for coming to visit us!! We love you all! See you soon.


Todd said...

You guys are so cool. I always enjoy reading your blog.

Benedict and Jessica said...

I am glad you got one last "family outing" before school starts. We miss you guys and especially Keller...well, we never met Keller, but it will happen! He is adorable.

Britni and Brett said...

I love your new main blog picture! I am jealous you guys got to go to Lagoon! Brett didn't want to go. Keller looks so big!!!!